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So I’ve gone down with a bad cold. Ahh. I expect this is because my adrenal glands were working overtime during my stressful week at the beginning of this month and now I’ve taken some time out and haven’t needed the adrenaline, my immune system has lowered and my body has had enough. I have experienced this sort of pattern after big deadlines many times and now know i need to do something about it. I’ve read in Brazier’s program that Maca is good for rebuilding the adrenal glands which I’ll buy from Out of this World (in Beeston) once I’ve got better. Brazier says that green tea contains a healthier, longer lasting form of caffeine which should be used in particular cases (in his case marathons, in my case illness!) In the meantime I’ve been stocking up on lots of vitamins and have come up with my own recipe for a Lemsip replacement inspired by Brazier’s green tea tit-bit. N.B. For those of you who don’t know, I gave up coffee and caffeinated black teas in accordance with the Brazier diet and felt much better afterwards.

Alternative to Lemsip

1 large lemon

1 lime

2 spoonfuls of honey

1 green teabag (optional and not recommended if taking before bed)


Wash the fruits. Boil the kettle and, using a juicer, squeeze the juice from the lemon and lime. Pour some of the boiling water into a pint glass containing the tea bag and the rest over the juice to get excess pulp into the lower part of the juicer containing the juice. Grate zest of both fruits into the pint glass and pour the juice into the glass too. Remove tea bag and stir in two spoonfuls of honey. Take with painkillers.

It takes delicious and you can pretend you are drinking a warm cocktail. Katie has suggested putting whiskey or brandy in too – perhaps good for a cough.

Even better if you can get someone else to make it for you!  Then try a home wellness sauna:

Steam it Out

You will need:

A large mixing bowl

A towel

Eucalyptus essential oil


Boil the kettle and pour boiling water into the mixing bowl. Add two drops of Eucalyptus into the bowl. Sit with your face over the bowl so you can breathe in the steam. Place the towel over you head and breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth as deeply as possible. Regularly blow your nose to clear out your sinuses.



So, I have managed to implement most of Brazier’s ideas into my diet. This week I made some ‘Banana Bread’ Energy Bars which are actually cold, pressed fruit and nuts with oats. Pretty tasty and do appear to be like banana bread but much healthier. The smoothies are exciting and i keep finding new combos to throw together. I’ve been eating salad every day now for two weeks and I’ve decided I need to make salad a bit more interesting if it is going to be a staple food.

Simple first steps to health!

1) Switch ‘white’ carbs to wholegrain ones: Eat brown bread, brown rice and wholemeal pasta. Try sweet potatoes and parsnips instead of white potatoes.

2) Have muesli or a smoothie for breakfast rather than the sugary cereals available in the supermarket.

3) Eat one salad and one smoothie every day. The smoothie is good after exercise. (I’ll be posting some recipes soon, including banana-less ones)

4) Make a batch of cold, pressed energy bars. see the banana-bread and blueberry chocolate bar recipes here. And eat one per day.

The caffeine has been out of my system for what seems like ages now and I’ve noticed a real difference. I feel creative, energetic, ALIVE! However, after having alcohol and processed foods such as cakes, I’ve noticed that the sluggish feeling comes back, so it’s interesting to see how my body reacts to these. If you are feeling this, eat more alkaline-forming foods such as blueberries, and other fruit and veg. Acid-forming foods take calcium out of the bones to return the body to a PH balance and thus make your bones weaker. So let’s look at the acid-forming foods that Brazier says to avoid:

Cold-water fish
Wild game

Milk, raw, unprocessed
Cheese (all types)
Milk, pasteurized

Synthetic multivitamin
Candy/ Sweets
Peanuts (roasted)
Prescription drugs
Soft drinks
Soy protein isolate
Whey protein isolate

So yeah these are probably quite a lot of things that are in your diet. The final two you probably don’t even know you are eating so check the packets! Are there things you never thought you could give up? Have a look at these suggestions …

Chocolate? Ok, so this is a big one for most people. Replace chocolate you normally buy with DARK chocolate that is a high percentage of cocoa. Or, even better, Cocao nibs which are unprocessed but still have the antioxidant in. Try Carob powder/drops and throw them into desserts and smoothies. Yum!

Milk? Yeah, this is a big one. What would I put on my muesli? Well Brazier recommends Almond Milk (NOT soya milk). It’s actually surprisingly nice and a glass is extra tasty with a spoonful of carob powder which reminds me of Nesquick but is far, far healthier!

More suggestions another time, but for now check out for recipes and more theory.


This first dish is a simple to make dessert which is inspired by Brendan Brazier’s Thrive in 30 program. It’s really yummy  but healthy as the pecans contain  protein, unsaturated fats and they are also rich in omega-6.  Banana contains serotonin (yay happy bananas!)  and vitamin B6 but is high in carbs.  And the maple syrup is a plant-based sweetener which is much healthier than refined sugars. A healthy, vegan dessert that is a crowd pleaser. Add a scoop of caramel or vanilla ice cream to make it a bit naughty and no longer vegan!

A quick and easy dessert that's healthy but really tasty!

Try it yourself at home!

The second dish I made was Brendan’s ‘Salt and Vinegar Kale Chips’ (Crisps) which take about 10 min preparation and 2 hours in the oven to cook on a low heat. I’m not much of a savory person – i’ve a very sweet tooth – but these smelt delicious as they went in. Tasted like crispy seaweed. Yum!

Anyone who is interested in know the nutritional value of what they are eating, i recommend this website as a reference guide.

Ever tried to give up tea and coffee? If so, you might have suffered from the awful headaches and not really known that these were linked to caffeine withdrawal. Yes there are symptoms! I’ve been off the caffeine for around 52 hours now (not that I’m counting…) and have had those dreaded headaches! But in a couple of days they should be gone and I can get on with my life, caffeine-free…

Why would you want to give up caffeine? Well, most of you will know it is a stimulant and its effect only temporary, so you get a quick boost before feeling worse than ever. Recently I hated the feeling that I so reliant on tea and coffee to function. Plus there is some evidence to suggest it disturbs sleep (especially if drank late afternoon onward) and has a diuretic effect (you are then likely to get more dehydrated), so it is best to avoid if you have problems with your waterworks! You are better off with water or a smoothie.

So, how did I quit? Good question! I was on at least one cup of coffee a day and between one and three cups of tea, so probably your average subject. First, I gave up the coffee – it started off being a treat to go to Costa/ Starbucks and became a habit. And an expensive one at that! Two days later, I went down to drinking tea only with my breakfast and anything after that I made sure it was herbal tea (but not green tea as that has caffeine in). Two days after that I switched my morning cup of tea for a rooibos tea. Rooibos is actually really nice (I was pleasantly surprised) and can be drank with milk. Often known as Redbush, it is available in most supermarkets – but don’t go for decaff tea as it is gross and you’ll be back on the caffeine habit in no time! Plus the processes they use to decaffeinate coffee and tea is not particular good for you either, so it is better to choose something naturally caffeine-free. When you come off the ordinary tea, you should be armed with paracetamol to get you through the first few days of a caffeine-free you!

Voila, a recovering caffeine-o-holic has made it through two days already! Good luck if you decide to quit.

My backstory

I’m taking on a few different tips from chefs, athletes and health experts to see if i can change my life for the better and for the long term. I’ll be providing examples and suggestions of how you can incorporate this into your life, too!

So, where did this all start? Well, in the summer of 2011 I had a knee injury which left me unable to walk very far for quite a few months and I had to obviously give up my beloved trapeze classes to recover. During this time I discovered that I walked, stood and sat incorrectly and had previously no idea that this was the case. My body awareness was shocking. I had to buy innersoles for my shoe and become a sensible shoe wearer overnight. This really helped with the pain but was no long term solution.

In the winter of 2011 I decided to correct my posture and began pilates classes with Jackie, who was also my trapeze teacher. Gradually, I have improved my awareness of my body, my core muscle strength and have strengthened my knee. However, I still didn’t feel great and after the winter months I decided it was time to take action before next winter sets in!

I decided there were several area of my life I wanted to change but knew I couldn’t do them all at once. This blog will take you on a journey of these areas and how you can improve them. We will look at:

  • Diet
  • Exercise routine
  • Stress reduction
  • Get REALLY refreshing sleep
  • Be the most effective you can be in the work place
  • Improve your relationships at home
  • Improve your home environment

I came across Tony Robbins who is a life coach and have done some of his programme

I discovered triathlete Brendan Brazier’s Thrive in 30 free online programme which looked fantastic and am currently doing that.

“For those who believe sick, obsessed and crazy are terms of endearment”

Brendan Brazier (Triathlete and Writer)

I have also looked at books and blogs on the other topics and will create a sort of hub of resources in this blog.

Hope you enjoy reading!